What is Ozonizer

Sickness today, such as HEART DISEASES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, CANCER, DIABETES AND MANY OTHER MODERN SICKNESS are mainly due to foods that we eat everyday. We cannot avoid these highly dangerous doses of PESTICIDES, ANTIBIOTICS AND GROWTH HORMONES from fruit, vegetable and meat that we and our family eat everyday. Fortunately we have a solution to eliminate these highly hazardous Chemicals, bacteria and viruses from the food before we consume them. DMP OZONIZER - MULTIPURPOSE FOOD PURIFIER has an Ozone output of 400 mg per hour, most ideal for food treatments and to maintain food's nutrients compositions. Start a healthy eating habit and enjoy your life and happiness to the up most.

REMEMBER - Prevention is always better than cure.
What Ozone Can Do :


  • Immediately Removes 80% To 95% Pesticides, Antibiotics & Hormones From Meats And Vegetables.
  • Kills 99% Living Micro-Organism, Viruses, Germs In Meat, Vegetable And Fruit.
  • Preserves Food's Freshness- Sterilizes Kitchen Utensils, Baby Bottle, Etc.
  • Sterilizes Water for Facial Purpose- Treatments To Skin Diseases Like Athlete Foot (Hong Kong Foot)
  • Low Investment With Great Benefits.


Sterilizes, disinfects, deodorizes and preserves freshness- User friendly (plug into the power point, put the silicone tube into that food filled with water, set the timer and it will stop automatically when the time is up)- Compact & portable- No refill maintenance needed- Low power consumption.


Based on technologies involved in corona ozone generation, our company has designed and is manufacturing multifunctional ozonizer, which can be utilized as a disinfector and sterilizing agent in the process of disinfecting of disinfecting and sterilizing.

The Characteristics of Ozone

Ozone, which has the scientific name O3, is created by combining three oxygen atoms. It has a high oxidizing ability, which is effective for disinfecting and sterilizing. It can kill most bacteria in the water or in the air. It is accepted as a broad-spectrum, effective disinfectant and confines 0.01- 0.14ppm of ozone, which balances the level of bacteria and mildew in nature. Ozone is also created electrically in nature during active thunderstorms. The electrical discharge creates that positive sweet smell that we understand as clean fresh air. The molecule of ozone is inherently unstable and tries to break down into the oxygen molecule as quickly as possible. This is what makes ozone such a great air and water cleaner. The ozone molecules need to combine with something in order to break down, so they end up oxidizing organic compounds and turn them into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Because ozone quickly breaks down into oxygen, it's considerably less toxic than disinfectant chemicals like chlorine. It has been called "the cleanest oxidizer and disinfector".

What Ozone Can Do

Kills microorganisms

  • ills bacteria.
  • Kills most coliform and staphylococcus in the air.
  • Kills coliform and staphylococcus aureus on the surface of objects.
  • Kills coliform, staphylococcus and salmonella in the phosphate alleviant.
  • Kills coliform in the water.

Destroys virus

  • Destroys 99.99% of HBsAg and 100% of HAAg.
  • Destroy Influenza Virus in the air.
  • Destroys PV I and Hepatitis A virus in the water within a few seconds or minutes.
  • Destroys SA-11 in the water.
  • When the concentration of ozone in the blood serum reaches to 4mg/l, it will destroy the HIV at 106ce50/ml.

Kills 100% of aspergillusversicolor an penicillium.

  • Kills 100% of aspergillusversicolor an penicillium.
  • Kills 100% of aspergillus niger, fusariumf.sp. mwlonogea and fusariumoxysporumf.sp. lycopersici.
  • Kills aspergillus niger and condida bacteria.

Kills bacteria spores

  • Kills brevibacterium spores.
  • Killing ability is high in killing bacteria in the air but not in bacteria spores.
  • Kills 99.999% of brevibacterium spores in the water.

Kills parasitic protozoa

  • Kills parasitic protozoa and its eggs efficiently.